How to Enable Text Messages

Posted by AcroJets Booster Club on Aug 27 2016 at 07:32AM PDT

To activate your phone to receive text messages, click on the “Account Settings” icon (gear) found at the very top of any page, next to your “Log Out”. Next, scroll down to “Contact Information” and click it. Scroll all the way to the bottom labeled “SMS Information not enabled” add your mobile number in this format 17165551212 and select provider and hit SAVE. You should receive a text with a SMS validation Code. Enter it under “Got SMS Validation Code? Enter Here”. This is found under the settings/contact information, and scrolling down to the SMS section. Save all changes.

call me if you have trouble: 7162259389


2016-09-11T01:53:31-07:00September 11 2016, at 01:53 AM PDT, Lisa Regan said:

I signed up to receive text messages. I received the confirmation text with activation code and link. But when I clicked the validation link in the confirmation text, the link took me to a website page with an error. Not sure if that is normal. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue?