Team Member Agreement - Updated

Posted by AcroJets Booster Club on Sep 21 2016 at 06:47PM PDT

Thank you to all the members that attended our first General Meeting last night. We announced a few updated policies and we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the changes. Our team-member agreement has been approved and updated along with several other policies. Please take a minute to review the new policies so you are up to date on the expectations.

The updates can be found on our website under “Membership Policies” and below by clicking the links.

Team Member Agreement:
Supporting Members:
Special Fundraisers:

Any gymnasts returning after the 2016-2017 season that has not met their team-obligations (and did not contact the board) will only be able to participate in meets that AcroJets runs and are hosted by Stumpf’s Gymnastics Center at 2187 Wehrle Drive until an agreement is worked out with the board. All members are invited to participate in any Booster Club run event regardless of team-member status.

If you are interested in running a “Special Fundraiser” please contact the board.

We have also reduced the number of General Meetings. We will have two meetings per year. A welcome back meeting in September and an end of the year wrap-up in June. We will post minutes from all Executive Board meetings on this site under “Forms/Club Docs” so everyone is updated throughout the year.

Thank You!

The document Team Member Agreement was attached to this post.